About the company

Petre šotori – hale d.o.o. - your partner for 30 years.


Full company name PETRE ŠOTORI HALE d.o.o.
Short company name PETRE d.o.o.
Business address PETRE d.o.o., Čeplje 51, 3305 Vransko
Principal activity Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods
Registration 20 December 1990
Share capital EUR 10,659.00
Authorised representatives Petre Jožef, procurator
Petre Marija, director
Ane Mari Petre Aubreht, executive director
Company members Petre Jožef, 100 %
VAT IN SI76495264
Registration number 5481082000

Petre šotori – hale d.o.o., a family company based in Vransko, has been inspired and led by a successful and tight-knit team with green business goals for 30 years. Relationships, responsibility, responsiveness, ingenuity, friendliness, teamwork and green business are the values we pursue and with which we carry out our mission, which states that we use all opportunities, as we offer a wide range of solutions for different occasions. In addition to a reliable team, we also ensure high-quality services and materials of our products, fast and quality installation, consulting and comprehensive solutions.

Petre šotori – hale d.o.o. is also one of the largest Slovenian providers of high-quality tents of various dimensions (for events, fairs, weddings, VIP, storage tents, tents for mobile skating rinks, tent tunnels, lunging and riding tents), pagodas, pavilions, prefabricated pavilions, stages, floors, catering equipment and other components for various events, in addition to storage halls with aluminium or steel constructions, and we also offer a military programme.

We have more than 40,000 m2 of event and storage tents for rental purposes, and we also have storage halls and an administrative building as our reference prefabricated storage and functional facilities at the company’s headquarters.

We are constantly adapting to changes in the market, plan and implement new ideas on a daily basis, and do our best to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are representatives of many foreign companies.

Several years ago, the company implemented quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and we also proud of our AA+ credit rating and numerous awards and recognitions in our field of business.

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